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What People Are Saying
Clients rely on our experience
  • “The VIBE team has helped us define and document our AV standards across our entire campus, creating the ability clearly communicate requirements to our design, construction, installation teams, and internal stakeholders. It’s great to have a partner with deep and diverse engineering experience to help us save time and solve problems.”

    Jason Webster

    Florida International University

  • “I have always found VIBE’s knowledge of Audio/Video Systems exceptional. Your background in music and low voltage engineering easily complimented the 20+ projects we have successfully worked on together.”

    Edward Dugger

    Edward Dugger + Associates

  • “Having Vibe Design as a trusted partner has allowed us to expand our offerings to our customers while trusting that they will deliver the quality product our customers have come to expect.  Vibe has always been conscious of our mission, and acted with our best interest in mind. We look forward to many more successful implementations in the years to come.”

    Ildefonso Balart

    Connect C3

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  • First Video

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