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AV systems are a Solution, not a box of parts. When things stop working, those parts are worthless. At VIBE, Service and Maintenance are integral parts of our 6 Step VIBE Design Process. It's the same reason why we cater lunches and bring cake to training, before producing video training. We study the science of user adoption. AV isn't just a box of parts.

Let's get you Fixed! 

Bad AV is everywhere.
We're here to fix it. 

We will service almost any system at least once on a T&M basis. Even if it was not installed by us. 

Most issues are related to either poor design and installation or prolonged refresh cycles. 

Check out our Quarterly Maintenance or Maintenance SLA plans. Good AV is proactive, not reactive. 


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Jason Webster

The VIBE team has helped us define and document our AV standards across our entire campus, creating the ability clearly communicate requirements to our design, construction, installation teams, and internal stakeholders. It's great to have a partner with deep and diverse engineering experience to help us save time and solve problems.

Edward Dugger

I have always found VIBE's knowledge of Audio/Video Systems exceptional. Your background in music and low voltage engineering easily complimented the 20+ projects we have successfully worked on together.

Don Allensworth

VIBE Design brings so much to the table. They solve technology problems, brainstorm amazing new ideas, and they're ALWAYS thinking about our stewardship and mission! 

See what people say about us

Got AV Issues?