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Sound & Acoustics Services
  • Architectural acoustics

    A great sound system in a bad sounding room sounds bad AND wastes money. From auditoriums to classrooms and meeting rooms, the way a room sounds affects its feel and utility.

  • Audio Design

    Want good audio in your living room? Buy a good set of speakers. Designing audio for a large space is totally different and involves careful engineering, physics, and knowledge of acoustics.

  • Background music

    Numerous studies have shown the beneficial psychological effects of background music. Patrons rate their restaurant experience higher, drink longer, and spend more time gaming.

  • Mechanical noise and vibration

    An auditorium with a noisy HVAC system due to improper ASHRAE criteria or a noise from an adjoining space are expensive problems to resolve after construction.

  • Noise Masking

    Noise masking has a huge ROI in open office environments to increase focus. It's also absolutely necessary for privacy in courtrooms for sidebar and medical for HIPPA compliance.

  • Paging

    Complex paging systems need to route and schedule both live and pre-recorded pages, while maintaining proper priority levels. Even simple systems need to be reliable for critical communication.

  • Production intercom

    In performing arts, production, and sports venues, production intercom allows team to communicate seamlessly. We can design simple partyline systems or complex IP matrix systems with wireless.

  • Sound Modeling

    Predictive modeling allows us to evaluate how different sound system designs will perform in the real world to obtain consistent volume and tonality at every seat.

  • Sound system tuning

    Unlike your living room, the physics of large spaces require onsite tweaking. We use computer based measurement systems to tune every large sound system we install.

Video & Broadcast Services
  • Digital Media Archiving

    Video and audio often need to be stored for VOD (video on demand) or post production. This could be classrooms tied to an LMS, courtooms for the record, or assets with detailed metadata.

  • Digital Signage

    Digital Signage can be utilized for both internal and external branding and messaging, as well as wayfinding and mass notification. We can assist you with design, installation, programming, and content creation.

  • Interactive Displays

    Touchscreen displays and videowalls allow users to interact for increased engagement and ease-of-use. Just as comments and social media created web 2.0, interactive displays are video 2.0.

  • IPTV

    IPTV distributes television channels over IP infrastructure, which has several advantages. We can also overlay digital signage over the top of an IPTV distribution.

  • MATV

    Master Antenna Television is still a viable distribution mechanism in many situations. This can be used to distribute a cable provider signal or to create an internal channel lineup.

  • Production Control Rooms

    Ergonomics, sight lines, and workflows are all important when designing broadcast production control rooms for live video and audio. Infrastructure design and coordination is especially important in these spaces.

  • Projection mapping

    Projection can be used to cover irregular surfaces. This can be used to great effect on the exterior of buildings, domes, in theme parks, and anyplace you need to create an interesting visual texture.

  • Video conferencing

    Strangely with today's technology, video is easy. The challenge is making these systems simple to use and making sure everyone can be heard clearly in larger rooms. That's where we come in.

  • Video streaming

    As opposed to conferencing, streaming can reach a large audience. Multiple streams need to be created for different bandwidth requirements. This is best done in the cloud to maximize the available uplink bandwidth.

Lighting Design Services
  • Theatrical lighting

    Theatrical lighting is necessary to make talent stand out onstage or bring increased emotion to performance. This could be for performing arts, worship, or a small stage.

  • Studio lighting

    In broadcast, lighting is a critical element of video to ensure talent looks good. The camera is not as forgiving as the eye. Lighting and video go hand and hand.

  • Videoconference lighting

    Lighting is an essential element of video. There's a reason televisions are filled with lighting instruments. Even in the smallest room, typical office lighting can be an issue.

  • Pipe grids and Catwalks

    Pipe grids are inexpensive, flexible, and a great investment for any stage space that will require hanging of lights, draperies, projectors, speakers, and other items.

  • Fixture package specification

    We can help you specify an entire lighting package, based on your budget and requirements.

  • Rigging design

    Rigging is an integral aspect of any performing arts facility.

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Network Backbone Services
  • Structured Cabling

    The structured cabling system is the cable and hardware connectivity that forms the telecommunications backbone infrastructure for a building.

  • Wifi Access Points

    Wifi access points (WAPs) provide data connectivity to a large number of devices, necessitating configuration and services to manage those devices.

  • Distributed Antenna / DAS

    Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) expand cellphone signals inside buildings, which tend to block coverage. Systems often must be designed to support multiple carriers.

  • BMS Integration

    Building Management Systems (BMS) Building Automation Systems (BAS) conserve energy by intelligently managing power, lighting, and ventilation.

  • Outside Plant

    Outside plant systems (OSP) provide fiber optic cable and hardware to connect multiple campuses, facilities, or assets that are remotely located.

  • Cyber Security

    Cyber Security losses have increased from $1B to $11B in the past 5 years. Ask us for a free internal assesment.

Security & Access Services
  • Risk Analysis

    Physical security risk analysis measures vulnerability, probability, and negative impact to prioritize and rank mitigation of existing weaknesses, based on their

  • Video Surveillance / CCTV

    Security camera systems deter, monitor, and record activity as an essential component of security design. We use predictive modeling and can offer AI solutions to track people and vehicles.

  • Electronic Access Control

    EAC Systems consist of a reader, controller, and electronic door lock to secure and provide an audit trail. Readers can be RFID cards, keypads, or Bio metric readers.

  • Mass Notification (NFPA 72-2010)

    Mass Notification Systems (MNS) start with a Security Vulnerability Assesment (SVA) to drive the design of Emergency Communication Systems (ECS) under Sec 24.4

  • Intrusion Detection

    Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) are the first Concentric Ring of security. New technology uses AI and data analytics to achieve high probability of detection (POD)

  • Cyber Security

    Cyber Security losses have increased from $1B to $11B in the past 5 years. Ask us for a free internal assesment.

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What People Are Saying
Clients rely on our experience
  • “The VIBE team has helped us define and document our AV standards across our entire campus, creating the ability clearly communicate requirements to our design, construction, installation teams, and internal stakeholders. It’s great to have a partner with deep and diverse engineering experience to help us save time and solve problems.”

    Jason Webster

    Florida International University

  • “I have always found VIBE’s knowledge of Audio/Video Systems exceptional. Your background in music and low voltage engineering easily complimented the 20+ projects we have successfully worked on together.”

    Edward Dugger

    Edward Dugger + Associates

  • “Having Vibe Design as a trusted partner has allowed us to expand our offerings to our customers while trusting that they will deliver the quality product our customers have come to expect.  Vibe has always been conscious of our mission, and acted with our best interest in mind. We look forward to many more successful implementations in the years to come.”

    Ildefonso Balart

    Connect C3

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