Everything You Need to Know About LED Video Walls

Aren’t LED video walls just like every other type of display? How much does it even cost to install an LED video wall? How can I install an LED video wall, and what size do I need? You must have asked yourself these questions and even more. Well, worry not because we’ve got all of the answers for you.

LED video walls belong to one of the most cutting-edge types of digital signage. You can visit this page on our website to learn more about digital signage basics. Now, here are the most common questions about LED video walls, and their answers:

What’s An LED Video Wall?

Some don’t have a clue what an LED video wall is. That’s why it’s important, to begin with, a definition of what it is. LED is a short form of the light-emitting diode. This is a semiconductor light source.

Initially, LED was quite costly, up until recent times. Today, LED is available and easily accessible to many applications and industries altogether. Since LED displays don’t need a frame around them, you can tile them to any size on the wall. You can equally curve them and turn them into unique shapes.

So, what are some of the benefits of an LED display that you probably will miss in other displays?

  • High-quality and high-resolution visuals.
  • It’s available in many different shapes and sizes.
  • It’s a self-emitting light source.
  • Long life span.
  • Low maintenance is needed.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.

How Do You Use LED Video Walls?

You can use these babies pretty much anywhere you want to. One way or the other, you might have already seen LED video walls – sometimes without even noticing. Some of the most common places to see LED video walls include:

  • Simulation systems.
  • Art displays.
  • Amusement park rides.

LED video walls can connect with almost anything. Talk about your video conferencing equipment, broadcast video systems, computers, and other sources that you can use to showcase custom content. If you want, you can also come up with touch-sensitive interactive displays.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor LED Video Walls – Which One Should I Choose?

The best part about LED video walls is that they can work for both indoor and outdoor applications. However, when you want to use an outdoor LED application, it must meet certain standards like weather ratings.

The audience for an outdoor LED wall is usually further away from the display than that of an indoor unit. Thus, they need a particular pixel density. Indoor LED walls are mostly dimmer, having more pixels per square inch – this is a high pixel density.

Indoor LED video walls are normally dimmer than their counterparts. They have more pixels per square inch, which means a higher pixel density. An outdoor LED wall can even be ten times brighter than its counterpart. This is considerably bright – bearing in mind that indoor displays alone are usually twice as brighter as the average TV.

How Much Does an LED Video Wall Cost?

There are several factors that contribute to the final cost of an LED video wall. They include the following:

  • The kind of installation – wall mount, ceiling mount, or free standing.
  • Indoor or outdoor installation.
  • Video processing requirements.
  • The complexity of the setup process.
  • Curved, transparent, or flat design.
  • The overall display size.
  • Pixel density or the pixels per square inch.

Most companies budget anywhere between $50k and $350k for their LED video wall projects. We at VIBE Design Group can give you a quote depending on the type of LED wall that you want for your business.

What Should I Consider Before Installing an LED Video Wall?

Are you at the stage where you want to install an LED video wall? Well, it would help if you consider the following factors prior to the installation:

  • The space that you’re willing to use.
  • Where people will view the display from.
  • The number of images that you want to be displayed at any given time.
  • Content to display.
  • Implementation and maintenance of the system.
  • Indoor or outdoor LED wall installation.

You should also consider the damage. The higher the pixel density, the less resistant the display to any form of impact. Nonetheless, you still need to look at ways you can safeguard your display from damage. And in this case, VIBE Design Group is here to assist.

How Can One Start a LED Video Wall Project

When you want to start a LED video wall project, it’s important that you consider planning, designing and then the installation bit. For these three, you need a credible and reliable partner who can help you achieve everything.

At VIBE Design Group, we have been in this industry for long enough to know the dos and don’ts. We are here to help you get everything in order for a successful LED video wall installation and pilot run.

For those who’re planning events, you can use gamification through the use of an LED video wall to display a leaderboard. This helps people to engage in a friendly manner. It also helps you to know the people who are most engaged in the event that you’ve organized.

Can I Rent an LED Wall?

Listen, you don’t have to go into the extra budget of buying an LED wall when you probably just need it once in a while. There are different companies that rent out their LED walls to those in need. Consider getting in touch with any of them to see how you can hire an LED wall.

The cost will depend on the size of the LED wall that you want, and how many you pick. Nonetheless, what you need to be sure of is the service provider.

Final Thoughts

VIBE Design Group can make the right adjustments you need for your video wall installation. We believe that you now have some insight on what you need for an LED wall installation and some of the other crucial factors. Let us partner together to make this work.


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