Creative Conference Room Design Ideas and Trends

Meetings are a regular part of every business and company. They are there to share ideas on how to improve operations and get tips to make the business perform better.

According to the Harvard business review, 62% of people said that meetings miss out on the chance to bring colleagues closer. Another 71% claimed that meetings are not efficient and productive.

Therefore, all this just goes to show why we need to change the way we conduct our meetings. Most meetings occur at a central place known as the conference room. One way to improve how meetings are is by making some technological and physical adjustments here.

This is why we have curated these creative conference room design ideas and trends to help you make your meeting destination a better place:

Personalized Conference Rooms

Have you ever been in an interrogation room? Or better still, have you watched those deep investigative movies with dark-lit interrogation rooms? Unfortunately, some conference rooms just look exactly the same as that. How do you want ideas to flow in a room like that?

Empty rooms with harsh lighting doesn’t look inviting to us – and it wouldn’t be to your staff too. This will make it hard for people to concentrate and unearth their creativity. The environment needs to be conducive.

Try and bring in some personalization when creating the right conference room. You can even go further to ask your colleagues and staff what makes them comfortable. This can help you to personalize the room in a way that’s conducive for everyone.

Have Some Clear Acoustics

Sound can make or break a meeting. When you have poor sound, people won’t get each other clearly. And this is a prerequisite for a failed meeting. We at VIBE design group can help you ensure that sound isn’t a concern in your conference room. Through the use of industry-leading technology, we can deliver an effective acoustic harmony in your meetings.

No matter how comfortable the conference room is, bad acoustics can ruin everything for you. It’s not even about how impressive the wall art can be, but rather if a person can hear another. Don’t get us wrong here. We’re not vouching for good sound over everything else. We’re just saying that if you’re cooking meat using ingredients but lack the meat, it’s all in vain.

Now, it all comes down to personalization once again. In case your conference room is for private conversations, then you need to use some sound absorption techniques. This will help to improve the discretion that you need.

You don’t have to install ugly acoustic panels that distort the design and appeal of your conference room. You can use acoustic art panels that are customized for your company.

Zoom Rooms

The capabilities of zoom rooms are endless – and they’re constantly evolving. Among the latest improvements, in-room attendee counting has been at the centre. Chat messages is another great enhancement. It helps the attendees to communicate effectively via chatting during the meeting.

Some of the other adjustments include the ability to start and end meetings automatically, depending on the schedule time. The future is luminous and there are definitely more features to come.

Video Conferencing

Most companies and industries these days are starting to embrace the video conferencing technology. Since the work from home policy became popular, people have leveraged the power of holding meetings virtually.

The benefits of video conferencing cut across the divide – favoring both employees and employers. As much as conventionally typical calls can get the job done, there’s no lying on the benefits of a face-to-face approach. This results in more collaborative, interactive, and productive meetings.

Therefore, video conferencing is vital for modern conference rooms. This helps to harmonize meetings for staff whether they’re in that particular room or other locations. But an important note for you here is to get the right video conferencing equipment.

Things like cameras, microphones, speakers, et al, matter a lot when it comes to holding meetings. But worry not because VIBE design group is here to help you out with this setup in a simple and professional way.

Our setup will depend on the size of your conference room and other personalization factors that you need.

LED Video Walls

This is perhaps one of the most creative types of display that any conference room design can incorporate. Once the unicorn of the industry, LED walls are now more affordable and available.

For this reason, you also can have an LED wall in your conference room. It surpasses any monitor or projector through the display of vibrant colors. For instance, it displays the darkest blacks and the brightest whites. This ensures that any presentation is crystal clear to the audience.

The top-notch images from LED video walls are amazing from any angle. Therefore, everyone attending your meetings will have a clear picture and understanding on what’s going on.

The icing on the cake for LED walls is that they don’t need a lot to maintain, plus the fact that they consume very little energy.

Flexible Meeting Spaces

The size of the meeting space should coincide with the number of attendees. An extremely large conference room may not be ideal for quick brainstorming meetings. It just leads to impersonal conversations, which aren’t effective.

Flexibility is all about creativity. For example, you can employ the use of removable wall dividers. This is to help you break up a large conference room into a smaller meeting area.

As much as wall dividers help to improve flexibility for meeting spaces, you need to also factor in the chair arrangements, acoustics, and other furniture.

Virtual Reality

You can take advantage of technological tools like virtual reality to fill up an empty conference room to see what you can and cannot add. This will help you to save on costs and avoid losses that come from buying stuff you don’t even need in the office.

Using virtual reality is a design experience like no other that can help you make improvements to your conference room virtually – before you even get to purchase the items physically.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, these are the most creative mechanisms that you can use to enhance the appearance of your conference room. It’s not only about appearance but also making sure that it is appropriate for your staff. We at VIBE design group are always a phone call or message away from you. That’s if you need any consulting on these conference room designs and more.


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