Environmental Graphic Design

Environmental graphic design might seem like a new term to many – but it really isn’t. It has existed from the ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics to date. Many are using it in offices and different spaces.

Schools, museums and even retailers are taking advantage of this design to improve their spaces. But it’s important to know what it is and how you can use it to your advantage. In this article, we will cover everything to do with environmental graphic design – so that you can know how to implement it. Meanwhile, check out some collaboration room design tips that you can benefit from.

What’s the Meaning of Environmental Graphic Design?

Otherwise known as experiential graphic design, EGD puts together different fields. Such fields include industrial design, architecture, and interior design. This helps to come up with a good physical space for everyone to enjoy and be comfortable in.

But you need to understand that this is much more than just the murals on the wall, or the layout of the room. The goal of environmental graphic design is to enable people know how they can interact and feel whenever they’re in a particular space.

Therefore, everything from the sound that shoes emit whenever you walk in to the color of the wall can have an effect on the environment. It can equally affect human experience. So, what are some of the most known EGD techniques?

  • Backlit displays
  • Wall and floor graphics
  • Window films
  • Digital signage
  • Wayfinding systems
  • Interactive displays
  • Dimensional logos and standoff displays

Why is Environmental Graphic Design Even Important?

You might begin to wonder what the need for environmental graphic design is. Well, it’s pretty simple. A recent study found that the design of a particular area has a direct impact on the quality of the people’s experience. Therefore, the EGD of a space can either make or break your employees’ morale for work.

And the design of spaces not only matters to employees, but also to visitors. Most people will rate a place well when they find out that the space is accommodative and welcoming. Consequently, workplaces that have some of the most recent technological tools tend to get better reviews.

Finally, people are most inspired to share their experience on social media when the place they visit has a great design. They will share the photos and leave positive reviews for such a place.

What Makes an Impressive Environmental Graphic Design?

What is it that you see in a room that makes you say wow? You must have gotten inside a room and loved something in particular that makes you leave a great review. Knowing why EGD is important is just but one thing. There’s more.

For instance, knowing what factors go into EGD is equally very important. What’s the intention of a particular person when visiting a space? This is a factor that will determine what kind of experience they expect. Some of the expected experiences include:

  • Aspiration – anyone who is learning wants to see something conducive for the same experience. Be it in the gym or class.
  • Entertainment – people constantly look for an escape from the daily routines of life. They want to experience something fun and exciting in a different environment. Thus, going to see a movie or to a concert is one way that you can experience entertainment. And such spaces need to offer an environment that appeals to the moods of the clientele.
  • Discovery – some people just want to discover new places and see the beauty that comes with traveling.
  • Social – dining and hanging out in a bar are some examples of social experiences. The goal here is to interact with others and have fun together. Therefore, the space should equally offer such a provision.
  • Task – in this kind of experience, the space should offer an environment of no distractions. One that can enable people concentrate and focus. Examples here include offices and conference room designs.

So, what has a significant impact on the kind of experience that one has when they get into a room?

  • Welcoming – how does someone feel once they step into that space? Places that have a welcoming feel tend to get better reviews. Those that can accommodate different types of people and still make all of them comfortable.
  • Inspiration – places like offices and conference rooms need to have some sort of inspiration. They should inspire people to succeed.
  • Clarity – people should be aware of what’s around them so that they can progress. They should feel comfortable with their environment.
  • Authenticity – people are constantly looking for authentic spaces that share their history and at the same time communicate their brand and mission.
  • Novelty – do people feel a ‘wow’ effect when they visit your space? When people feel this way about your space, they are more inclined to remember it always and share it with friends and family.
  • Beauty – the first feeling or impression that a space gives to people will highly determine how they will shop or operate. The fact that they stay back to purchase goods or services means that they love the beauty of the space. Avoid excessive opulence so that you can have a beautiful space.

Effective Examples of Environmental Graphic Design

Here are some of the most common examples of EGD that you’ll find around:

Digital Signage

These are simply digital signs that are sometimes referred to as electronic signs. Such include video walls and LED projections. It also includes LCD monitors. With digital signage, it becomes a lot easier to show menus, videos, display webpages, and more.

Another way that you can use digital signage is to show important announcements, schedule changes, weather, social media feeds, trivia, and live metrics. Therefore, it is one of the best ways that you can use to deliver information to your clients, employees or visitors.

Wayfinding Systems

These systems are particularly great for guiding visitors and even staff throughout the space. You can equally update the directories and digital maps in real time. Wayfinding systems are particularly great for showing large crowds around a space.

Branded Environments

Branded environments helps to communicate your company identity and welcome the clientele base. You can use corporate timelines, 3D material and logos to ensure that your message is clear and home. This brings your brand to life.

Environmental Graphic Design Tips

Here are some tips that can ensure your space achieves the right sense of environmental graphic design:

  • Collaboration – create a balanced environment where everyone would easily collaborate.
  • Creativity – novelty has a lasting impression on people’s minds. Thus, you need to show people what sets you apart from the competition.
  • Color – you need to know how to play around with colors. Well, this depends on the kind of space that you have and the intention.

Final Thoughts

We know that you now have a better understanding of environmental graphic design, and how you can use it to your advantage. We at VIBE Design Group are ready to help you in your journey to better spaces for everyone.


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