Church AV – Everything you need to know!

A church has a lot to handle when it comes down to delivering effective sermons to large masses. The factors range from lighting, video, streaming, to networks, Wi-Fi and security of their connections.

There is a ton of audio visual equipment in the market. And this can easily get you confused when making a decision. Then there are also many companies offering such services, which leaves you spoilt for choice. That’s why you’re going to learn several audio visual tips in this article. By the end of it all, you should know:

  • What you need to have on your AV checklist.
  • The kind of video equipment that you need.
  • Who you need to hire and how.
  • The process that you need to follow.
  • The tools you have to obtain.
  • Why videoconferencing is important.


We at VIBE Design Group offer an effective support for everything worship and church technology. You can concentrate on delivering sermons and reaching souls while we handle all the technical bits of your operations.

A proper AV system will help your church grow and enable you hold smoother services. This article here is all about empowering churches when it comes to audio visual technology. So, what even does church AV entail? Here is a brief summary of what you need to have on your church AV checklist:

  • Training
  • Acoustical analysis
  • Audio tuning
  • Equipment
  • Digital signage
  • Control systems and automation
  • Communication
  • Lighting – theatrical to be specific
  • Live streaming and recording
  • Cameras
  • Broadcasting
  • LED walls and video projection
  • High quality sound systems
  • Consultation with an established specialist


All of these factors matter a lot when you’re trying to achieve a successful church service. Remember that you’re not just serving those inside the church facility, but also those at home.

Your church needs to be in such a manner that even those with hearing impairment can get the word of God. With a high-quality AV system, this will not be beyond reach for your church – no matter how big or small it is.

Every church is unique in its own way. That’s why our system serve individual interests and demands. We are here to deliver to every need. Finding the right AV consultant is very important. That’s why you need to consider asking 6 main questions when searching for an AV consultant.

Church Video Systems

The kind of video equipment that you get for your church needs to be of high quality. You need to invest in the best cameras and broadcasting equipment so that you can reach more people easily.

The current standard that churches have set for their videos is high. So, you need to ensure that you meet that when airing your own content. You do want your services and messages to reach more people, right? Then simply invest in the best video systems and recording equipment.

Your church congregants will expect some quality video from your end and from their house of worship. If you can recall, the onset of the coronavirus pandemic led to more frequent home live streaming of sermons. And if this is anything to go by, then things are not likely to change anytime soon.

In fact, people have seen how convenient it is for them to attend their sermons at the comfort of their homes. Therefore, they’ll continue to get those services at home due to the convenience.

The quality of video in your church sermons will directly affect the number of attendees. People are more inclined to attend services that have clear audio and video. If they can neither hear nor see you clearly, then what really will keep them staying on your service? Won’t they opt for an alternative instead?

We at VIBE Design Group work with the church leadership to deliver quality AV solutions for the entire church. We provide a complete turn-key solution that enables your church operate in a modern and digital manner.

If you already have a video system, then we can build off that. But if you don’t, then we can create a unique one that we will use to create the appropriate solution for your church.

Experience is Key

Nobody should deceive you about experience – it doesn’t matter. Well, if you want to go by this lie, then you might as well brace yourself for a rough patch as a church. Experience does matter and is so important.

AV technology mostly leads to a lot of frustration to most small and medium church facilities. And such bad experiences may tempt you to assume that technology is wasteful or doesn’t work. This then triggers you to cut down on your budget for technology. Wrong move that one.

Experience is important. That’s why VIBE holds over 30 industry certifications. Support is a critical element for AV, that’s why we provide Managed Services, SLA Response, and Remote Monitoring.

You need to address the real problem and tackle the bull by its horns – not the tail (well, unless you want to get a hard kick). And part of getting to the real problem involves hiring someone with the right level of experience and expertise.

The Process for Church AV Technology

There’s a clear approach that you need to follow when it comes to church AV technology. It’s pretty simple and here it is for you:


Use the right tools, checklists and databases so that the functionality of your church AV system aligns with your budget and goals.


Here is where you strike a balance between lighting and structure. You need a theatre-like lighting with the right model of software.


As you guessed it already, this is where we come into the picture. We offer you the right support by holding your hand every step of the way. We give you quick start guides, recorded training, and manuals that can help you.

Aside from just installing and going our way, we are also there to help in maintenance. Thus, we offer remote monitoring for your church AV system. All of your equipment will always be in great working condition thanks to our dedicated team.


How much do you plan on spending on your equipment and software? This will determine the kind of AV system that your church gets. However, don’t be too determined to save money at the expense of getting quality.

Consider Video Conferencing

Now is the time to embrace video conferencing more than ever. Thousands are constantly attending their services nowadays at the comfort of their homes. Well, you can say that the COVID-19 pandemic led to this new development. However, it has actually become more of a convenience rather than due to the pandemic.

Leading congregations through video conferencing, however, is no easy feat. You need to have the best equipment to achieve this. But the best part is that after you invest in such equipment and start broadcasting your services to people remotely, you can reach souls from any distance and at any part of the world.

You can use different video conferencing setups. It’s great even for those who can’t make it to church – probably due to illness or other eventualities. You bring the church to people’s homesteads and at their comfort zones. What a way to win souls in the modern era.

Tools You Need

One of the advantages of a good AV system is the flexibility you get. You don’t have to arrange a sitting area all the time for your congregants. You can simply organize the services via phones or laptops at the comfort of your congregants. But what are some of the hardware tools that you need to accomplish this?

Lighting Equipment

Proper lighting is very effective when you’re using AV equipment. This is especially the case when you’re using AV systems for video conferencing. You want your audience to view you clearly. Thus, invest in a good lighting system.


Having good bandwidth is vital for a church video streaming session. Otherwise, people will not get your sermons clearly. You need to avoid any chaotic situations and interruptions during church sermons.

When there are too many distractions, the audience loses focus and gets carried away with other activities. Remember that you’re not with them at that time. So, you wouldn’t notice if they drift away or leave the service hanging for some other stuff. Thus, to ensure that the whole message gets home, then you need to focus on getting the right bandwidth.

Cameras and Microphones

This whole experience is all about audio and visuals. We can neither talk of audio nor video without mentioning cameras and microphones. Such are the equipment that you need to invest in if you don’t want to compromise on quality.

We at VIBE Design Group can advise you on the best equipment to purchase. This is to ensure that you always get your message delivered with crystal clear audio and video. There are specific cameras and microphones that you need to use. We will advise you so you focus on message.

Our creative team is always there to listen to your recommendations and act upon them professionally. This is because we value the flow of church services and wouldn’t want to witness you getting technical hitches on the way.

Final Thoughts

Technology is important for your Church. It should always be a help and not a hindrance. It just takes a good partner to do it. Schedule a consultation or call with us to know how you can integrate this technology to your church services.


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