Our Team
  • Photo of Sonia Munoz

    Sonia Munoz Gallagher


    Sonia is an attorney and leads our business administration and business development. She has worked for the CIA, Hague, and private practice.

  • Photo of Brad Gallagher

    Brad Gallagher

    VP of Engineering

    Brad has over 20 years of AV Experience and heads our engineering and systems development. He has worked on some of the largest AV projects in the world

  • Photo of James Methuen

    Juan Saldarriaga

    Operations Manager

    Juan has over 15 years of AV experience and runs our Operations. He keeps us on time and budget with amazing client communication.

  • Photo of Juan Saldarriaga

    James Methuen

    Project Manager

    James is our lead Project Manager and makes sure that our checklists and processes are maintained on every job.

  • Photo of Allhan Mejia

    Allhan Mejia

    Purchasing Manager

    Allhan runs purchasing and manages our warehouse and inventory. He keeps a close eye on all materials deadlines.

  • Photo of Francis Brillantes

    Francis Brillantes

    Accounting Manager

    Francis created our robust accounting workflows with detailed project tracking to keep everyone informed.

  • Photo of Rohit Das

    Rohit Das

    Lead Programmer

    Rohit leads a team of programmers. He keeps us up to date on the latest technology and also maintains our website.

  • Photo of Diancarlo Mendoza

    Diancarlo Mendoza

    Lead engineering

    Diancarlo leads our engineering team and makes sure that all of our designs follow best-practices.